The Cloud Forest

We arrived at the Monteverde cloud forest on January 31. We stayed with a family in a small town called La Cruz. They had a boy named Isaac who was 7. He spoke English and Spanish. Here is a picture of the family.


We did lots of hikes – here are some pictures that show what the forest looks like



Under the volcano

We arrived at Arenal volcano by jeep-boat-jeep. The boat ride was bumpy and windy. After the jeep-boat-jeep we found a hotel with a TV in La Fortuna. I liked it there. We went out shopping and went for Pizza dinner and then went to bed.

We woke up and went on a volcano tour. We got to see lots of animals. We got to see the old lava flows but they were really far away. You aren’t allowed to go close to them because the volcano is active and dangerous. After that we went to the hot river at night. The whole river is heated by volcanic activity. We went in the hot river. Some people went up to a deep part but I stayed in a shallow part. We walked back up to the van and drove home.

Arenal Volcano       Volcano Arenal

Look at the next picture. Do you see any camouflaged animal in it?

camo animal


Playa Hermosa

After Arenal came Playa Hermosa. We arrived and it was scorching hot so went right to a yummy pizza restaurant and we had fresh strawberry juice. Then we walked to the beach and met up with my grandma and grandpa. We got to our hotel and we were hot so we had a refreshing cool down in the water.

We woke up and swam in the water. We saw lots of monkeys in the trees. The next day we woke up excited to go snorkeling. Isabel came and told us that there were lots of pelagic sea snakes in the water. So we went down to the beach to see them. There were so many, about 17.  I stepped on one by accident and freaked out because they are one of the most poisonous snakes in the world. I ran back to the cabina. We did not go in the water that day.

This is a picture of one of the snakes

pelagic sea snake

Tarantulas in a “blog”

We went to Monteverde and arrived at a homestay in a small town called La Cruz. The bus ride there was crazy – super steep and rough road. It was way worse than the Mitchell Bay Road. We went on a night walk called Kinkachu. We saw a Coati in a tree, frogs that looked like statues, cockroaches (flying cockroaches), scorpions that looked crazy under a black light, Side stripe palm pit vipers that one of them was hanging over the path! and a Tarantula that was inside of a log. It was Awesome!

I learned how to make empanadas at the house we were staying at. We put beans and cheese in them.

Here are some pictures of Monteverde.

Family we stayed with
Scorpion under black light
Scorpion under black light

Costa Rica Adventures

Hola everyone. Sorry for not responding or posting lately. We have been busy having lots of adventures.

We did see a turtle lay eggs at Playa Jesus. It was a Pacific Green Turtle (also called a Black Turtle). A scientist measured it and it was about 86 Cm long. It was dark out and we had to use a black light and stay behind her and be very quiet so that we did not bother her. It was really cool. We actually saw her laying the eggs. Here is a photo. It is with a black light so the colour looks weird but you can see the eggs.


Then we went to the LLanos de Cortes waterfall. It was a big waterfall. I swam and went behind the waterfall to a cave. Here is a photo of my dad and I behind the waterfall. We had to hike there down a long dusty path. But the waterfall was perfect to swim in.


We will write more later,


in Costa Rica.

We arrived in Costa Rica on the 26th of January. We got a bus to Tamrindo it took abut 2 hours. When we got there it was so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk. We played on the beach and built sand castles. We took a ride to Playa Grande (this means Big Beach in English). In Playa Grande we got to see are hotel. We went booggie boarding, played in the sand and made a new friend. His name was Daniel and he did not speak English.

There are monkeys on the power lines, iguanas in the trees, geckos on the walls, and parrots in the sky. We are going to see turtles lay eggs tonight.

Screen shot 2016-01-28 at 1.16.59 PM

This is a photo of the beach in Playa Grande.

Costa Rica (the rich coast)

Me and my family are going to Costa Rica! I can’t tell you how excited I am! We are going to do so many awesome things: snorkel, see a boiling acid lake, see sloths, go on night walks in the rain forest and see volcanoes! We are going on the 24th of January. I cant wait! What would you want to do in Costa Rica?